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Jennifer Fitchwell Weddings

My Wedding Process

Step One - Pre Wedding-Day

I will give my client the opportunity for any specifics they may have for their painting. Choice of having reception or ceremony painted, and the choice of a 24 x 36 or a 30 x 40 unframed Canvas Size.

Step Two - Day of Wedding
I will arrive at the reception about two hours early to set up my easel and paints and begin blocking in color and composition to get a head start before guests enter the party.
Please note: if I am contracted to paint at the ceremony, the arrival time will be even earlier for me due to the short timeframe of the ceremony. Same as the reception, I will begin laying out on canvas before guests arrive at the wedding to make sure to create the mood.

Step Three - Guest Arrival
Since I have arrived early to block in layout of area, when guests arrive, I will begin painting them in a Gestural Fashion including tables, chairs, florals, all that entails. It’s the client’s choice if they want their first dance together as a part of the painting, or if they would like a different posture painted.
All this will be discussed in Step One.


Step Four - A Unique Painting
Every painting is different and unique. My impressionistic style and twenty years as a professional artist will capture the Event in loose beautiful brushstrokes. More than a realistic painting, this painting will capture the moment.


Step Five - Turn Around Time
The entire process takes about four to five hours. Guests will enjoy seeing painting come to life while at the reception or wedding! At the end of the event, I will take the painting home, to my studio, for an extra little detail I may need to add, and then deliver the following week to the newly Weds. The final painting can also be made into Prints or Stationery as Thank You cards for an additional cost.

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